Benefits Of Chamber Membership

Why Join Your Local Chamber:

A Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary business organization, supported by its member firms to promote the areas economic growth and development.  A Chamber enables businessmen and businesswomen to accomplish collectively what no one of them could do individually, creating a pool of resources from which one can draw ideas, energy, and finances.

The 21st century Chamber is the hub of community development and prosperity.  In addition to being the voice of business, it typically provides its member firms a host of benefits designed to gain visibility, provide resources and tools to help them compete in the new world market.

Your local Chamber provides a powerful voice on behalf of the business community; it speaks out on issues such as taxes, transportation and education that affect your business because you are located in the area.  As a member of your local Chamber you make that voice even stronger to speak on your behalf.  Your membership investment allows your local Chamber to be a resource of information and services for the business community and the region that it serves.  Many businesses both small and large support the Chamber because it is simply good business.

Value Added Benefits

Merchant Services Discounts

Group Insurance Plan

Farm and Ranch Insurance Plan

Home & Auto Insurance Plans

Fuel Discount Programs

Shipping programs

Marketing and Conference programs


Alberta Chamber of Commerce Website


Canadian Chamber of Commerce

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The Town and Chamber have a strong partnership, working together on many projects to increase local business development.

So what’s in it for you?

What the Chamber can do for you.

The benefits make it an easy decision.  For less than a dollar for each workday on average, your investment is assured.

Get on Board! 

Keep in touch

Don’t be left out.

Learn, grow & prosper.

Your business growth is important

Having a reliable partner is beneficial to your business.

You are a part of a strong and viable organization that represents over 200 local members and over 22,000 provincially.

You have easier access and communication at all levels of government on issues that affect you (one alone can not accomplish what a group of many can when working together).

We are proud to be one of the top 30 largest Chambers of Commerce out of 127 Chambers in the province.

Chamber Group Insurance plan! One our best benefits offered to our Chamber Members!chamber plan new 2016